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Title: Reverie [Part of the ‘who to choose’ series]
Pairing: Donghae/Sungmin
Length: 5/6
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Angst
Word count: 1259
Summary: Donghae would always have Sungmin's back, no matter what.


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A.N: Okay! I have finished all the potential Sungmin pairings :D now it is up to youuuuuu to choose :D! The poll will be up! Remember to vote your favorite couple, the poll will close next Sunday! :D thanks for reading, do comment and subscribe :D

Title: Hero [Part of the ‘who to choose’ series]
Pairing: Ryeowook/Sungmin
Length: 4/6
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Angst
Word count: 1071
Summary: To Ryeowook, Sungmin was like his hero.

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A.N: OKIES Ryeowook’s part is done 😃 Next would be Donghae! Thank you ayeengie onnie for helping me think of ideas when I was stucked ❤ After donghae’s part is released I would release the poll, the polling period would be one week. 😃 Do subscribe and comment 😃
Title: Treasure [Part of the ‘who to choose’ series]
Chapter 3/6
Pairing: Heechul/Sungmin
Word count: 1310
Summary: Having known Sungmin since young, Heechul only wanted the best for Sungmin.

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A.N: Hehe! I will end it here :D :P Next up will be Ryeowook x Sungmin~ I will try to upload it tomorrow or on tuesday (:
Title: Nostalgia [Part of the ‘who to choose’ series]
Genre: Romance, angst,
Length: Part 2 / 6
Rating: PG
Word count: 1274
Summary: Kyuhyun was fool, indeed the biggest fool for letting Sungmin go.


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A.N: Ok~~ I’ve done editing Kyuhyun’s part~ next would be Heechul’s!~ 😃 ❤ do comment and subscribe ❤
01 May 2017 @ 05:47 pm
Title: Two different worlds
Pairings: Kyumin
Rating: pg
Chapter: Epilogue
Genre: romance, war, angst, supernatural.
Summary: they lived in 2 different worlds, 2 different memories but at the same place in the two connected world.


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A.N: finalllyyy we are at the epiloguueeeee~ 😃 sorry for the long wait guys~ 5 years is a loooooong time~ I hope this fic has brought you guys much joy reading it haha! Do comment okay~ thanks for your patience everybody~
26 April 2017 @ 11:37 pm
Title: Two different worlds
Pairings: Kyumin
Rating: pg
Genre: romance, war, angst, supernatural.
Summary: they lived in 2 different worlds, 2 different memories but at the same place in the two connected world.

A.N: ok im finally bringing myself to finish this fic.. Lets see how many years has it been… omg it’s been 5 years okok imma finish this fic hehe. Sorry for the very very long wait -bows 90 degrees- ok here goes~

[♥ミ]“Snap out of it Kyuhyun!” Kyuhyun snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Sungmin’s shout. They were surrounded with armies of newly-turned dolls.
Kyuhyun looked around in alarm, how was it possible for so many dolls to be changed in such a brief period. Kyuhyun knew that he had to do something quickly or it would be too late. As Kyuhyun and Sungmin backed against one another, looking towards the approaching enemy. A sudden though daunted upon Sungmin’s mind, maybe he could call Kazumi to rain down upon all the dolls. To do that he would need ultimate concentration, which is almost impossible with them being completely surrounded.

“Sungmin, release Kazumi, rain down upon them and I will handle those that are currently approaching us.” Kyuhyun said quietly so that only Sungmin could hear what he was saying. Sungmin gave a silent respond and closed his eyes to focus. He had to focus and analyse where this stretch of enemies would end, which people are his comrades and which are his enemies.

As Sungmin focused eliminating the enemies, Excalibur glowed brightly as Kyuhyun cut down all those dolls that attacked them. Suddenly as though a lightning flashed across the sky, swords started raining down on all of the dolls. They started to fall down one by one slowing turning back to humans as they fall to the ground. That was when it daunted upon Kyuhyun what Kibum meant.

As all of the dolls fell to the ground, Sungmin felt a strong grip upon his hands and looked up. Kyuhyun was pulling his hands and willing him to run together with him.
“Sungmin! We have to find where Kibum is hiding! Only then can we stop this endless wall!” Kyuhyun explained as the both of them ran.
“How can we know where he is when we don’t even know where he is!” Sungmin exclaimed.
“Zhoumi hyung would know! He is a vessel, both him and Henry hyung can communicate with one another to find out where Kibum is hiding! Hurry Zhoumi hyung is right in front of us!” Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin’s hand and the both of them started running faster.
When Kyuhyun and Sungmin finally reached where Zhoumi and Hyukjae were fighting, Zhoumi turned and looked at the both of them.
“I know where he is, hold my hands the three of you.” He said as the last of the enemies were finally taken down. The three guys held one another hands and they were teleported to the forest in front of a grand rundown castle.

“Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Hyukjae, the queen and king told me to convey this message to you before you left.” Zhoumi took out a globular like thing which opened up and the queen and king’s face appeared in it.
“My dear princes, we will leave the fate of our kingdom into your hands. Leeteuk and I will stay back in the castle to ensure that our castle is alright, the same goes for your country Kyuhyun. Heechul and Hankyung said that Henry and Donghae are on the way to find the three of you. Please stay safe and come back in one piece. We will be praying for your safe return as we take care of our castle and the people. Believe and trust in yourselves, only then can you take down the people who are trying to overrun the country. We love you my sons and await your safe return.” Kangin said with tears in his eyes.

“Believe and trust in yourselves, only the four of you princes can take down Kibum.” Zhoumi said as he made a full bow just as Henry and Donghae appeared beside them. Henry bowed as well, at the four princes. “Zhoumi and I will be there to guide the both of you along.”

The four princes and the two vessels came up with a plan before entering the castle. Sungmin closed his eyes as he focuses to see the number of dolls there were inside the castle. Kyuhyun readied himself to activate his dark magic, and Donghae started to meltdown the castle gates.
“There are about 5000 dolls right infront of the castle gates, another 4000 inside the castle and around 200 inside the ball room, there is a black figure in the highest floor of the castle, I think that is Kibum!” Sungmin said as he opened his eyes.

Without warning, the gates came falling down and meteors fell onto the ground hitting the 3000 dolls in front of the gate. Just then the whole space was turned into a sink hole, a vacuum that sucked all the life out from the remain dolls. The six men teleported into the inner courts of the castle and stood outside the castle entrance.

The six men pushed open the door to see the dolls frozen in their steps as Sungmin and Kyuhyun both used their time manipulation. Zhoumi and Henry went before them and annihilated all the dolls inside the castle entrance. The four princes teleported themselves to the ballroom with the help of Donghae as the two mages fought.
The four princes looked at each other and gave a nod and Sungmin pushed the door open. In front of them were 200 dolls that looked completely different from all the other dolls that they have seen in the past battles. Each of them had distinct colours, different weapons, different builds and lastly, they look like they were super strong. Right behind them stood a figure with a looming black aura, the puppet master, Kibum.

“Welcome princes to the party, who do I am honored to have four such magnificent princes in front of me.” Kibum said as he stretched out his hands. “These are my finest, the best of the best dolls that I have cultivated for the past few years. All of which are puppet masters turned into puppets.” He said as he gave a morbid laughter that rang throughout the entire hall. “I can’t wait to turn the four of you into my puppets too.” He continued with his morbid laughter.
“Kibum you bastard!” Sungmin hissed.
“Oh! Lovely Prince Sungmin, I wonder how you would look like as a doll with your porcelain white skin, perch lips. Oh, how I wish I could devour you right now, aren’t you grateful? After all, I saved your life.” Kibum gave another morbid laughter this time signalling his army towards the princes.
As the princes struck down the dolls charging towards them. Whenever the dolls fell to the ground, they regenerated at a crazy speed and stood up like nothing happened.
“What on earth, stay down you idiots!” Donghae cursed as the never-ending numbers of dolls charged towards them. Hyukjae backed up against Donghae and his sword combined together to become one huge sword. Sungmin and Kyuhyun joined the both of them as the four princes get surrounded by the never-ending enemies. “Is there something we can do about this?” Sungmin asked. “Hae can you use your vacuum?” Kyuhyun asked as his sword cut through as much dolls as possible.
“I tried, but it’s useless. Nothing came up. It’s as though the room blocks magic.” Donghae replied as he cut down another doll. “It’s true, even controlling time and space is impossible here. Wish there was something we could do…” Hyukjae replied as he struck down more enemies flinging towards them.
“I guess there is only one way then.” Sungmin said. The three guys turned to look at Sungmin for a brief second before turning back to their enemies. “What is it, Min?” Hyukjae asked as he took out daggers from his pockets and throwing them at the dolls.
“To get rid of the puppets, get rid of the puppet master.” Sungmin stated as he broke away from the group and ran towards Kibum. “MIN! NO! THAT’S TOO RASH!” Kyuhyun shouted but it was too late, the gap created by Sungmin was already covered with dolls. “DAMN THIS SHIT!” Kyuhyun cursed as he tried to get rid of as many dolls as he could, chasing after Sungmin.
Donghae and Hyukjae looked at each other and sighed. “What do with do with those two rash crown princes.” Hyukjae stated as Donghae turned to him. “Hyukjae, this is something only they can do. Henry hyung told me on the way here, the both of them contain powers that are hidden. Powers so great that they can eliminate anything before them, because they are miracle children. Birth of two men, it’s something only both of them can do.” Donghae said quietly as they fought the endless enemies.

As Sungmin reach the front of the ball room where Kibum was standing, he pointed his sword toward him. “Fight with me Kibum! You wanted me didn’t you, then fight with me like a man and not hide behind your puppets like a coward!” Sungmin said with his eyes looking like he is ready to kill.
“HA! Fight with you Prince Sungmin? Sure, why not. You would be mine soon anyway. Such a beautiful sight.” He laughed his morbid laughter again. Sungmin frowned and trained his sword pointing toward him. “Come at me with all you have, Prince.” He said while emphasizing the word prince. He stopped all of his puppets and turned around just as Sungmin charged towards him.
“Say! Why are you doing all of these!” Sungmin demanded as he attacked Kibum with all he had, but Kibum just deflected all his attacks as though he was nothing. “I want to be the strongest! There can only be one who is the strongest! There can’t be more than one! You took it away from me! You took everything away!” Kibum said with his eyes burning with fire. “So now, I will take it all away from you Prince.”

With a swop of hand, he flung Sungmin and Sungmin flew across the room as though he weighted nothing, hitting against the wall. Hyukjae rushed up beside him and held him in his arms. Seeing that Sungmin was defeated, Donghae and Kyuhyun charged up towards Kibum. However, they too were flung like they weighed nothing. Sungmin stirred and sat up holding his wounds as he saw Kibum walking towards him.
“Should I transform you first Sungmin?” Kibum said as he walked towards him. Hyukjae immediately stood in front of Sungmin shielding him from Kibum. “Like I would allow you to do that.” His words baring thorns. Kibum then swatted him away, and Hyukjae flew to the other end of the room.
Kibum grabbed Sungmin by his neck and pushed him towards the wall. “Oh my lovely Sungmin, I can’t wait to see how beautiful you would be as a doll.” Sungmin struggled and kicked with his legs as hard as he could, but it was all futile. Just before Sungmin lost his strength and will of his body, he saw a figure before him. Glowing, the person had the same physique as him, looking just like him.

At that moment, Kibum was flung to the ground as a bright light engulfed Sungmin. Donghae turned to look for his brother when he found there he was nowhere to be found. When he turned to look at Sungmin, he realised where Kyuhyun was.
“The both of them are miracle children, with tremendous power that only the both of them can have. They are… retainers.” Donghae remembered Henry telling him.

As Sungmin tried to catch his breath when Kibum flung, he looked at Kyuhyun and noticed that he too was glowing. The both of them walked up towards Kibum and looked at him. “In the end, its not about being powerful.” Sungmin said as they released a beam of light towards Kibum.
“NOOOOOOO THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING NO! NO! IT WON’T JUST END HERE! I’LL BE- B” Kibum yelled as his body and his puppets disintegrated into ashes.  At that moment, a loud cracking sound could be heard from above, the sound of something falling. Meteorites and blizzards fell from the sky and smashed into the castle, breaking the ceilings, the structures. As they fell, bubbles protected both the princes and their brothers. They could see they sky, and they realised what had happened. The moon battlefield came crashing down, falling pieces by pieces.
The both of them looked at each other and smiled before they blacked out and fell on the floor. The princes who were retainers, had the power of the moon. The power to turn anything that harms them into ashes.

A.N:  wheeeeee last chapter is ouuuuuuuuttt. All that’s left is the epilogueeeeeee, do comment, subscribe yea~ my longest post yet hehe.
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03 September 2014 @ 12:50 pm
Title: Time [Part of the ‘who to choose’ series]
Pairing: HyukJae/Sungmin
Genre: Romance, angst,
Length: Part 1 of 6
Rating: PG
Word count: 426
Summary: Hyukjae never stopped loving Sungmin. Never.

A.N: I haven’t wrote a fanfic for a very long time suddenly have feels to make a HyukMin fic but my feels for KyuMin will never end so i decided to start my who to choose series hehes :D..

However, a silly Hyukjae who loves Sungmin so much would never say no to his hyung. It is probably because he was THAT stupid...Collapse )
10 September 2011 @ 08:21 pm
don't really mean to vent my anger here or anything but..
theres a reason why i had locked my fics and set locked membership on my community.
I realized I've been very linient lately.. 
I mean... I find it hard to reject community membership request but it is getting too over..
i agree that i have allowed quite a number of readers to join my community even without commenting but..
it really is getting on my nerves... 
I hope what I said won't make you angry or anything like that..
but i would appreciate if you would be nice and good to me and comment on my  FRIENDS ONLY post
BEFORE requesting to join my community... 

There is a reason for everything... the reason why i locked my entries and community is because 
I want to get to know my readers even if you are a silent reader.. 
I don't mind you just commenting there just to read my fics i honestly won't mind.
but... urgh... i dont know but.. just comment before requesting to join the community ok?...
I hope I'm not asking too much.. Please do understand.
Thank you. 

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13 August 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Hello [: 
I will be accepting Fanfiction request for one-shots [:
Just some words
1) I'll accept any pairings, anything BUT Simin or Wonkyu yea. (STRICTLY NO SIMIN AND WONKYU
[I dont hate siwon I just don't like simin and wonkyu pairing >< in fact I love Siwon in RL serious!]
2) I'll take in any genre and rating.. (But if the smut is horrible please dont blame me ): im a terrible smut writer.)
3) Strictly SJ or FTI only >< I don't really know how to write other band fics 
4) Do provide a short summary or prompt so that i at least know how to start [: 
5) Please note that I may need awhile to write the fics, also because I'm on hiatus now. So Fic request might take awhile to be written. Please be patient with me...
6) the longest my fic can go is 2000 words >< if its too short please do tell me.. I'll edit or make it up to you (: 

What to do to request for a fic?

VERY EASY! Its Just a 5 step process!  (just copy and paste this in)
1) LJ Username or your name/nickname
2) Pairings: Main & (side if you want to have)
3) Other People you want to include. :
5) A short Summary or prompt [:

I love forward to working with you all [:


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08 August 2011 @ 09:57 pm
the posting of my fics will be less frequent from now on..
So i will be going on semi-hiatus or hiatus totally until September or october.
soo... I will put all chaptered fics on hold till.. after my exams.. because its a very important year for me..
fics like, love like this and concours are dropped. because I have too many fics on hand and it's hard for me to handle so many. so basically the only 2 fics which ill update after my exams will be Skate Again For me & Two Different Worlds ofcs not forgetting Unpredictable Romance it will go on Temporary Hiatus until my partner and I are free

I will still update one-shots or two-shots once every few weeks.. or if I have the time.. so if it is short or not good..
please pardon me.. and ofcs i also know that my fics arent good.. soo yea... so whatever it is I'm on hiatus or rather semi hiatus so yea thats all [:

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